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Buying your home is often an exciting and stressful time. Any major purchase requires research, careful analysis, consideration, and thought. As area experts, we can help educate you on the different neighborhoods, schools, and other local community amenities that suit your lifestyle. Determining the right location, the number of bedrooms or bathrooms needed, and outdoor space is the fun part. Negotiating a fair deal, calculating your new tax and house payment, coordinating the sale of your old house and ensuring you don't have to move twice is where we come in. We will be there, guiding you through the process. Afterwards, when you need a good contractor or handy-man to help with updates, we'll be there too. CLICK HERE to Meet the Team. 

 Home Buying Can Be Easy

Representing you as a buyer's agent, we can help streamline the process of buying a home and make it easier for you. We've crafted our Exclusive Buyer Program to help you find the right home in the right area for the right price. We've aligned with top professionals in the industry, and once your offer has been accepted, we will personally help facilitate the process of closing on your home. By working closely with mortgage brokers, title and escrow companies, home inspectors, and home warranty companies we provide you with the best service possible! CLICK HERE for more info on our Exclusive Buyer Program.

First Steps

If you're like many home buyers you may be wondering where to start. Begin by finding out how much home you can afford by having us connect you to a local and knowledgeable mortgage banker in your area. From there we'll streamline the home buying process by giving you access to some great tools that keep you informed on the newest listings and give you the best chance at finding your next dream home. Contact us today to find out how we can be of assistance to you!

Here's an example of what waiting until next year may do to your payment and total mortgage expense over the life of your loan. Also, how the advice of an experienced Realtor can save you thousands:

The Home Buyer's Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Buying A Home

Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned pro, buying a house can be a daunting task. As you begin the journey into one of the largest purchases of your life, you’ll encounter situations that can cost you money, create additional stress and rob you of time.  Buying your next home is something to approach with caution, while being armed with the latest market information and the help of a local, knowledgeable Realtor.

In our book, we cover need to know information that will help your next buying experience go as smoothly as possible, while helping you avoid costly mistakes. You’ll learn about programs available to first-time and repeat buyers, mortgage loan frequently asked questions, how to negotiate the purchase of your next home, common mistakes to avoid and much more. Don’t let a couple of simple errors cost you thousands of dollars or even worse your dream home.

Claim your complimentary book now by CLICKING HERE and start preparing to make one of the biggest decisions of your life.

What Every Buyer Should Know and Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where do I start? - Start with a reputable Realtor who can connect you to one or more lending specialists for a pre-approval should you require financing to purchase your next home. This will help you be ready in today's fast paced market and if you see a home that you want to make yours you'll be able to submit an offer that is taken seriously by the seller. 

  • I own a home. Should I sell my current home before buying a new home? - In short, yes (if you have to). That is if you need the cash from the sale of your home to buy your next home you should, in many cases, list your current home. Understand that if you wait to list your home until you find the perfect next home, you are at risk of having a weaker offer than someone who doesn't have to sell before buying. As a result, your offer will be made contingent on the sale of your home and you may lose the deal to someone who doesn't have such a contingency (you can even lose the deal after the contract is bottom lined if the seller receives another non-contingent offer and you are unable to sell or remove your contingency in time). Have no fear. We can help you coordinate the sale and purchase of your next home so you don't move twice and still give you plenty of time to look around by manipulating occupancy. Of course, every situation is unique based upon your needs, wants and time frame. Contact us to analyze your current situation.

  • Should I rent or buy? - Good question. Usually, when I hear this question it's coming from an affordability point of view. It may be better worded as, "Can I afford to buy?" With the current home ownership programs and low interest rates available, you may be able to own your home and not know it. To buy or not to buy is very situational. Some people are better off renting. However, more often than not, buying is a good move. Contact us to go through a few scenarios with you.

  • How much should I offer the sellers? - Check out our Oakland County Trends page to see list price to sale price ratio. Knowing what home are selling for versus what they are being listed for can give you some good insight. More importantly, work with a Realtor that will perform a market analysis of sold, pending, active and expired properties to arrive at an intelligent starting point.

  • Can I offer much less than asking price? - This is a very situational question. Depending on the strength of your offer, you may be able to. Remember, you can offer any amount you'd like if your not worried about losing the home to another potential buyer. It depends on the home and area you're searching in. We can help calculate a fair offer price and from there it is up to you. When I hear this questions the subtext is, "Am I getting a good deal?" The best way to get a good deal is to be quick to the market on new listings. That's why our site updates every five minutes with listings directly from the source (MLS). Using our site and us as a resource puts you in control and gives you the best possible chance of finding your next home before someone else does. Make sure that you've spoken to someone from our team to get you on the right path. Contact us.

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